Best Survival Games for PS4

Survival games are interesting to play and bring adventure to you. Adventure games put you in a whole new world altogether which puts you in front of danger and different elements to bring out thrill and fun.

Most survival games are available in multiplayer mode which allows you to bring your friends to the adventure along with you.

If you are looking for the best survival games for your PS4 then you will find plenty of them online. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best survival games for PS4 that you can consider going for.

The Forest

Best Survival Games for PS4

The Forest is the first title to be included on this list of the best survival games for PS4. The game is a first-person game that leaves you in a dark forest where you have to fight against the monster and stay alive till the very end.

The game is developed by Endnight Games, which puts you in danger of the forest. The story revolves around the character who is the sole survivor of the plane crash that left you deep in a dark forest.

Your worst nightmare comes alive when the forest is full of cannibal mutants and monsters. During the day you have to repair the camp, set the traps as well as scavenge for food. You have to prepare for the challenges of the night.

You can play the game in solo mode as well as in multiplayer mode. The forest gets scarier at night, and having your friends with you makes it easier for you to survive the horror of the dark forest.

The Long DarkBest Survival Games for PS4

The very next game that we have on the list is The Long Dark. The game is a post-apocalyptic survival game in which the player has to survive the environment after the apocalypse.

You will have to go through towns that are isolated in endless slow. The game is set through the tundra of Canada. You will have to create fires, keep them burning as well as purify the snow water to ensure it is safe to drink.

You have to keep yourself safe from the wildlife and survive in the snowy isolated place. There is no sign of living in this isolated space and the game brings out the look of a post-apocalypse.


Best Survival Games for PS4

Another best survival game for PS4 that you can consider going for Frostpunk. The gameplay revolves around the late 19-century community, where your role is to build the city and maintain it.

You will have to build the city in worldwide volcanic winter while managing your resources and surviving throughout. You will have to look out for resources, find other survivors, and build your city.

The story revolves around, you having to survive the apocalypse of the winter with a group of people. You will have to keep other group members alive by gathering food, medical supplies, mining for coal, and much more.

Do note that other people who survived the apocalypse will join the city looking for food and shelter. You will have to look after them while fulfilling all their needs else you will no longer be at the task of running the city.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Developed by Studio Wildcard, ARK: Survival Evolved is also one of the best survival games for PS4. The elements of the gameplay include sci-fi as well as dinosaurs.

You will have to build your base and keep on upgrading so you can survive for long. You will have to join the forces with the tribe and start wars with other. Survive the game while having sci-fi elements and riding dinosaurs.

Throughout the game, you will have to seek shelter, and build weapons as well as ally with other teammates on an island full of dinosaurs. You can play the game in solo mode as well as multiplayer mode.



Minecraft is one of the most popular titles on this list. We will end our list with Minecraft which is a popular survival game loved by kids and teens.

Developed by Mojang, the game is skill-based where the player will have to show their creativity by solving tasks. You will have to build your modes of survival throughout the day as creepers come out at night.

Before the sun comes down ensure you have weapons and everything you need ready with you. You are safe during the day, but the danger comes at night.

You have to construct a safe house, build weapons and explore the world around you. The game is quite creative and brings out more and more challenges to the players.

Surviving through worldly challenges and getting equipped with the things you need is the aim of the game.

Final Words

Given in this article are some of the best survival games for PS4. If you are looking for the best survival games for the PS4, then you can refer to the games in this article.

We have only mentioned a few games in this list, though there are more games that you can consider going for such as DayZ, Don’t Starve, Fallout Shelter, This War Of Mine, and various others.

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