Best Strategy Games for PS4

Strategy games are worth spending time on if you are bored doing nothing and don’t want to go with old games that you play.

Strategy games work out on your mind, where you have to build a perfect strategy to get through the gameplay.  

Best Strategy Games for PS4

Strategy games are for sure fun to play when compared to other games. If strategy games are what you love and you are looking for the best strategy games for PS4, then this article will help you with it. 

War Of The Chosen: XCOM 2


War Of The Chosen: XCOM 2 is one of the best strategy games you would love playing on your PS4. The game’s plot revolves around you having to fight the aliens that have taken over the world. 

You will have to build a perfect strategy to fight back against the aliens and free the planet of the aliens. You must take soldiers with you, get equipment, and fight the aliens. 

You will have to handle the soldier at your center and fight aliens. Do note the aliens will be as powerful as the army you got out there. 

The game becomes more and more competitive as the level grows, with aliens becoming more and more powerful. If strategy games are your thing, you should consider going for the War Of The Chosen: XCOM 2. 

Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines

Another great game that we consider putting on this list is Cities Skylines. Cities Skyline is a single-player game where you have to design a city. You will have to start scratch and then build everything, including roaders, power supply, and other infrastructures. 

Well, the game isn’t that straight; just like how real cities work, you will have to work around planning for a better city. You will have to increase tax, which the citizen won’t like. You will have to plan for commercial as well as residential activities. 

You will be in charge of the city and build the strategy to work around and create a new city. The land will increase, citizens will increase, and every decision of yours will impact the life of the citizens.



Frostpunk is another popular title that we have included on this list is Frostpunk. The game developed by 11 Bit Studios is another city-building game where you must strategize building the city.

The game puts you in volcanic winter, where you have built and maintained a city. You will have to manage your resources, gather your group to build the city, and explore the area.

Do note that the resources are scarce, and you must be a good leader guiding your group to manage the building of the city and survive. You will have to prove yourself by being a good leader who helps the group survive or a tyrant who destroys the resources and does not do right by the group. 

Various challenges will be waiting for you to challenge you through your journey of building the city in ruthless winter. You would probably like playing Frostpunk if strategy games are your favorite. 

Tropico 6

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is the sixth title in the Tropico franchise. Similar to Frostpunk and Cities Skylines, you will have to plan around building cities. 

The player of the gamer considers the role of El Presidente (the leader of the Caribbean Island nation of Tropico). In Tropico 6, you can build cities on an Archipelago and build bridges across the islands to travel with one another. 

The citizens on the island will be fully simulated, and your decisions will impact their life. Every decision of yours will impact them, whether they be productivity or revolt against you. 

You can customize your character as well as the place you live in. Moreover, you build the city, including the infrastructure, services, and much more. 

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine

Another great game that we have on this list is Phantom Doctrine. The gameplay is based on the player being a spy. 

You will have to finish the mission that you are given, which would include watching on someone, killing a gangster, and various others. You may have to gunfire, snipe, and various others. 

You will get a reward after killing your enemies. You will have to strategize your move to kill your enemies. 

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

The last game that we have on this list is Valkyria Chronicles. In this game, you will have to build your army and increase their strength to win the war. 

You will have to take control of your army, weapons they yield, actions, where they are placed, and much more. Everything you do will decide whether you win the war or lose it. 

If you love playing strategy games, you will surely love playing Valkyria Chronicles. 

Final Words

These were some of the best strategy games you can play on your PS4. You will surely find various strategy games to play on your PlayStation 4 console, and to make it easier for you to select the best, we have listed some of them in this article. 

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