Best Hunting Games for Xbox One in 2023

Have an Xbox One and want to play hunting games? Hunting games are best to play in your free time if you are looking for thrilling games.

You will find various hunting games to play on your Xbox One that will be worth spending your time. These games will include some of the popular titles that you may already know.

If you found your way to this article looking for the best Hunting games for Xbox One then this is the article for you.

In this article, we will list some best Hunting games for Xbox One.

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Best Hunting Games for Xbox One in 2023

1. The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

Best Hunting Games for Xbox One

We are starting our list of best Hunting games for Xbox one with ‘The Hunter: Call of the Wild.

You will have to hunt various types of animals throughout the game. Player characters can find various things such as rifles and bows to hunt down the animals in the game.

During your task to hunt animals, you will get various tools to help you throughout. 

Moreover, you will also have to explore locations, and know where the animals roam, as well as explore locations.

The best part about playing the game is that the game is multiplayer. You can ask your friends to join you during your hunt.

Moreover, there is a cooperative mode with more challenges to make the game more challenging. 

2. Hunting Simulator 2

Best Hunting Games for Xbox One

Hunting Simulator launched for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in June 2022 is also one of the best hunting games that you can play.

Just like ‘The Hunter: Call Off The Wild’ you will have to hunt animals which will earn you various prizes.

The gameplay of the Hunting Simulator takes around Texas, Colorado, as well as the forests of Europe. You will have to roam these areas to hunt the animals. 

The game has around 36 different animals, 3 regions, 13 special items, 87 clothing options, and 65 weapons.

Along your journey, you will get various equipment and weapons to aid you with hunting animals.

The game is single-player, so you won’t be able to play the game with your friends like you play ‘The Hunter: Call Of The Wild’. 

3. Monster Hunter: World

Best Hunting Games for Xbox One

Another best hunting game for Xbox One is Monster Hunter: World. As the name suggests, the gameplay of this game revolves around hunting monsters.

You will have to hunt down the monsters. But the challenge comes when you have to plan your strategy to defeat the monster and get the weapons and go defeat the beast. 

The game has multiplayer mode allowing your friends to join your journey with you and help you through your quest to hunt the monsters.

Defeating the monsters will get you to loot which you can use to get better weapons and gears.

The game keeps you in front of the next monster after you have defeated one. The monster gets stronger one after another. 

4. Far Cry Primal

Best Hunting Games for Xbox One

Far Cry Primal is also one of the most popular and the best hunting games for Xbox One.

The best part about Far Cry Primal is the storyline it follows, along with the villains. You will have to fight for your survival using sticks and stones.

However, spears and clubs are added to the game to make the gameplay more interactive. 

You will have to learn how to hunt properly to survive through the game. 

The game is set in prehistoric times. The game starts with the player unarmed who will become the leader of the tribe later on.

As the game is set in prehistoric times, the major weapons will be stones and sticks; guns and vehicles that are there in other games of the Far Cry Series are not here.

Moreover, you cannot buy weapons but will have to craft of your own. Apart from hunting down animals, the player will also have to compete against other tribes. 

5. Hunt: Showdown

Best Hunting Games for Xbox One

Last but not the least, Hunt: Showdown is another game that you can play in the hunting niche.

The game revolves around a player tasked to take out monsters in the area. The game involves other players as well, so other people will be after the contract of killing the monsters as well. 

You will have to search the area for monsters and hunt them down. After you have killed the monster and got the bounty, every other group that is playing the game will get the location of the new monster.

You will have to get your group the success of killing the monsters and clearing the area out.

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Final Words

Hunting games are quite exciting to play and if you are looking for the best hunting games for Xbox one, then this article has listed some of them.

You can refer to this list to find the best hunting games to play on your Xbox One. 

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