Best Hunting Games For Xbox 360

Want to go on a hunting expedition on your Xbox 360? Hunting games are best to play if you are looking for the thrill of adventure. You will find various games in this genre for your Xbox 360. 

There are various hunting games that offer good graphics, good gameplay, and easy-to-learn controls. If you are looking for Hunting Games to play on your Xbox 360, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be mentioning some best hunting games for Xbox 360. 

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Best Hunting Games For Xbox 360

We would like to start our list of best hunting games for Xbox 360 that you can consider going for. You will have to find the animals in the environment and hunt them. 

You will have to build your strategy and get weapons to hunt animals. You can own weapons like rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows, and various others. 

You get to experience good visuals and graphics, GPS mapping, and an amazing environment. You will have to play in 10 different North American locations where you can go hunting. 

The best part of playing this game is the multiplayer mode. You can play this game with your friends who can tag along through your expedition journey. 

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

The Hunter: Call Of The World is a popular hunting game that we would like to keep on this list of best hunting games for Xbox 360. You will be put in a wild environment where you will have to hunt animals with different weapons. 

You can choose between rifles and bows and go out to hunt in the wild. You can experience the game in a various environment that increases the difficulty level. 

During your gameplay, you will have to explore the area that you are put in, you will have to know where the animals travel through, track trails, and know about a particular animal. Moreover, you can also go for multiplayer mode if you want to play with your friends or go solo if you want to alone. 

You will not be put in favorable conditions, so you will have to gather your supplies and make the strategies to face the danger that’s coming. If you love playing hunting games, then you will like playing this game. 

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

The very next game that we have on this list of best hunting games for Xbox 360, we have Monster Hunter World. As the name suggests, the game is not about hunting animals but monsters.

Monster Hunter World is like a fantasy game, where you have to go hunting monsters. You will have to search for the bigger monsters and hunt them down. You will start with small monsters and all that way go up to monsters of the size of skyscrapers. 

The game puts you in a diverse and unique environment where you have to hunt monsters of all sizes. Just like other games, we have listed in this game, the game supports multiplayer so you can play with your friends. 

Every time you hunt down a monster you will get a reward and more weapons. You will have to strategies your way and learn about the monsters. 

Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2

Another game that we have on this list is Hunting Simulator 2. The game set a real-life hunting experience where you have to hunt for animals in the local hunting locations. 

You will have to play the game in three primary locations (Colorado, Texas, and lush forests of Europe) which include 36 distinct creatures. You will have to hunt for animals with 65 different weapons, 87 different ammo, outfits, and 13 unique items. 

You can customize the character with clothes, layout, weapons, and other stuff. There is only one downside of playing this game you can only play this game in solo mode and not with your friends. 

The game gives you a thrilling experience simulating the experience of hunting down animals in the real life. 

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Last but not the least, Hunt Showdown is also a popular hunting game that you can play on Xbox 360. Hunt: Showdown puts you in the shoes of the hunter and being hunted. You will have to hunt down monsters while being at the risk of being hunted down by other players. 

You will have to work with players in a grow and complete the contract of killing the monsters and clearing the area of the monsters. You will have other players here that will be after the same contract. 

Kill the monster of the area, get the bounty, and head to the location of the next monster before other groups reach the monster. This game will excite you if are up for some adventure of killing monsters with your friends. 

Final Words

We have listed some of the best hunting games for Xbox 360. Hunting games are for sure fun to play, and if you are looking for the best hunting games to play on your Xbox 360, then you can go for the games mentioned in this list. We have listed some of the popular titles to play on Xbox 360. 

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