Best Horror Games for PS4 in 2023

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure while sitting on your couch with your PS4 controller in your hand, then you can consider playing horror games.

Horror games are liked by gamers across the world. What makes them popular is the scary and intense gameplay along with the graphics that add to your complete gaming experience.

If you are looking for horror games to play on your PS4 then you will find various of them on the internet.

In this article, we will be listing some of the best horror games for PS4 that you can play. 

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Best Horror Games for PS4

1. The Evil Within

Best Horror Games for PS4

The very first game that we would like to mention on this list is The Evil Within. The Evil Within is a survival horror game where you make your way through the horror places fighting creepy creatures.

The storyline is based upon the routine investigation of a brutal mass murder. During the investigation, Sebastian (Krimson City Police Detective), Joseph Ode (His Partner), and junior detective Juli Kidman are sent to a realm of horrors.

After being sent to the world Sebastian is separated from the team. The story revolves around how they survive their way through the new world of horrors they are sent to and solve the mystery of the mass murder. 

The in-game concept of the game is quite interesting. What makes the gaming experience more interesting is the intensive graphics that you see on this one.

The game has a sequel, which is also available for the PS4. The Evil Within is best known for having a good storyline with narrative gameplay. 

2. Bloodborne

Best Horror Games for PS4

Another horror game title that we have on the list is Bloodborne. Throughout the game, you have to restore the city to what it was before it started decaying.

The character is sent to the city of Yharnam. The residents of the city are turned into bloodthirsty beasts after they were infected by a strange plague.

You will have to stop the city from being further damaged. The game elements involve your encounter with various beasts and monsters throughout your journey which you will have to fight your way through to prevent the city from any further damage and restore it to what it was. 

The game is quite challenging to play. With all the horror elements and the adventure to follow, it is for sure one of the best horror games to play on your PS4.

The visuals of the games for sure are eye-catching, and the gameplay makes it worth playing the game. 

3. Outlast

Best Horror Games for PS4

The very next horror game that we have on the list is Outlast. Outlast and its sequels are available for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

The game is played in a first-person perspective. The game revolves around a freelance journalist who is assigned the task of investigating Mount Massive Asylum.

The patients of this asylum are overrun by homicidal patients. There are no weapons given to the character and the world is to be discovered through a video camera. 

The player can run, walk, crouch, jump and do much more. The player cannot fight the patients but will have to use stealth tactics to pass the enemies.

You will have to hide in the lockers, stay in the shadows, hide under things, and sneak past enemies to survive. You will have to keep yourself from dying, or else the game will start from the reset checkpoint. 

4. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is also one of the best horror games for PS4. You will have to choose your adventure and play the game.

You will have the experience of playing the game as a movie character, where every choice you make will decide whether you live or die.

The player will have control of eight young adults left to survive on Blackwood Mountain. Players will have to make choices and even small decisions will impact your journey. 

You can view the personality and everything about the character you are controlling. You will have to prevent each character from dying at the end of the game.

There are 10 chapters in the game, and you will get an intermission after each chapter. During the intermission, the player will be addressed by a psychiatrist who will analyze the fears and choices of the player.

The fantastic visuals, along with the storyline and gameplay makes it one of the best game that you can play on PS4. 


Best Horror Games for PS4

The last game that we mention in this list of best horror games for PS4 is SOMA. SOMA is like other horror games in which you have to survive the horror world.

You experience the gameplay in a world underwater. The main focus of the story is on the psychological aspects.

The game revolves around the player character revolves around Simon Jarrett who wakes up in an underwater facility and has to find the reason why he is there and also the reason for his existence.

The game is based on the puzzle-solving skills of the person. If you are looking for the best horror games for the PS4, then you can for sure play SOMA. 

Final Words

These were some of the best horror games for PS4 that you can go for. If you are looking for some thrilling horror games to play during your free time, then you can go for the games listed in this article. 

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